19th CONFERENCE ON INTERNATIONAL HUMANITARIAN LAW: War crimes and the fight against impunity in current conflicts

By 18 December, 20172017, 2018, Events, News

On the 18th and 19th of December, the Conference on International Humanitarian Law will take place in the Hall of Degrees of the Faculty of Law of the Universitat de València, which this year will focus on the international protection of human rights in current conflicts. The sessions that reach its 19th edition, are organized by the research group led by Professor Consuelo Ramón Chornet, Professor of International Public Law and International Relations, at the Human Rights Institute of the University of Valencia.

The conference, explains Professor Consuelo Ramón, “dedicates in this edition a special attention to the study and debate of the fight against impunity in the face of war crimes in the wake of armed conflicts, one of the three most serious types of international crimes that the international community suffers. “
The opening of the seminar will be in charge of Elena Olmos, dean of the Faculty of Law, Javier de Lucas, director of the Institute of Human Rights and Consuelo Ramón, director of the conference. Joan Romero, professor of Human Geography, will deliver the inaugural lecture, entitled “The European Union and the South Bank of the Mediterranean. A geopolitical challenge and a moral obligation. “

Throughout the sessions, professors and specialists from Spanish and foreign universities will study, for example, the crimes committed against children and will also pay special attention to the gender dimension, to the crimes specifically directed against women in those conflicts and to the debate on the difficult repair of the same ones that provoke the mechanisms of the so-called restorative justice.

Created in 2005, the Human Rights Institute of the Universitat de València received the Mention of Excellence from the Ministry of Education for its doctoral program Human Rights, Democracy and International Justice. The IDH is part of the Consolider project in which twelve research groups from different Spanish universities participate, coordinated by the Bartolomé de las Casas Human Rights Institute of the Carlos III University of Madrid.