Human Rights Institue

The Human Rights Institute was founded in March 2005 as the University of Valencia’s specific centre for multidisciplinary research on human rights. The Institute brings together researchers from different legal and social disciplines sharing basic purposes: advancing knowledge on human rights through multidisciplinary research, offering training and raising awareness through teaching activities, and promoting reflection, dialogue and commitment around human rights, particularly those of the most vulnerable or threatened individuals and groups.

The Institute is organised around several multidisciplinary research strands. The HRI also actively promotes human rights training through graduate and specialised teaching on problems relating to human rights. These activities are largely made possible by conventions and collaborations with other research and teaching centres in this field, both in Spain and abroad. In addition, the HRI collaborates with NGOs and social movements in the defence and promotion of the rights of vulnerable groups. Finally, as part of its awareness-raising mandate, the HRI organises activities and conferences with renowned national and international guests.