Within the original group GECIM, founded and directed by Professor Javier de Lucas and from which different research projects and groups have emerged, most of them integrated in the IDHUV, a group is now established whose specific field of research is the relationship between human rights, citizenship and inclusive democracy in the context of globalization.
The group has a solid research experience in issues related to the guarantee of human rights within the democracy model based on inclusion and the challenges posed to this framework by a global world. The members of the group have been part of multiple research projects in which these topics have been investigated.
Through the creation of this group we intend to continue developing the essential investigation of issues related to: the extension of the concept of citizenship; the political participation of the migrant population; the guarantee of social rights as a basis for the integration of the population; the construction of indicators for the evaluation of the development of public policies for the integration of people and the guarantee of their rights; the guarantee of fundamental rights in a multicultural society, among others, all of which are essential in the construction of an inclusive democracy. In this sense, and benefiting both from the knowledge acquired, and from the wide network of knowledge exchange and synergies woven at national and international level, the group intends to continue analyzing the new challenges faced by current societies regarding the guarantee of rights.